uWeed - Advanced cannabis growth (Drug, weed)


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21 Avril 2020
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This is a complete cannabis farming and smoking addon. It includes a handful of entities to grow and sell cannabis along with a few to allow you to roll and smoke it. As a result, this addon allows you to create 2 types of interactions with players.
Content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379977269

As stated above, this addon is an in-depth yet fun and easy to follow cannabis growing and consuming addon. Once players have farmed and grown a handful of buds, they are then given the choice to sell it to an NPC or roll it into smokeable joints.
If the user chooses to sell it, they can simply pack it into bags and take it the NPC located around the map and sell it.
However, if they choose to keep it and roll it, they are able to then sell rolled joints or smoke it themselves for visual effects (getting high). This then allows the players to choose a social path and sell joints to each other.

  • Full set of custom models
  • Simple and easy to follow processes
  • Allow players to have a monetary gain
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Cool 1st and 3rd person joint
  • Secure. Prevent users from exploiting the system.
  • Lightweight. With clean and smart code, this addon does not pull on resources.

A simple youtube video showcasing the addon:
" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"> Yotube video

For some reason my game is scuffed and models are shiney (It's not actually like this) so ignore that
Blunt smoke effect
Example of animation

3rd person view
Example of animation

Bowl 1st Person
Example of animation


  • Bong?
  • Any ideas, please message me about them!

  • Then contact me, through steam is probably quickest however a support ticket will work just fine as well. The quicker the bug is fixed, the better!

  • Please take the time to review my script, both negative and positive reviews are appreciated. However, contact me before giving a negative review as I'd love to resolve your issue instead!

  • I tried to allow almost everything to be configurable in some way. By doing this it allows the user to have the script as fine-tuned to their liking as possible. If you find something that you think should be editable, let me know.

Owain - All the code
Misfit - All model and sound related stuff
Fenokku - Made the banner
God, this addon took me a quarter of a year to find the motivation to finish…