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    Hi, i drops this bcs i don't have any server now, so i leak my old scripts frome gmodstore :)
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    Mechanical System | Tow Truck & Tow Fining 1.0.3

    Lien officiel : Installation [FR] : mettre le dossier dans garrysmod/addons/ Install [EN] : Put the folder in garrysmod/addons/ Requirement : Flex-Lib / Content
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    uWeed - Advanced cannabis growth (Drug, weed)

    Lien car trop Volumineux ! LINK DESCRIPTION This is a complete cannabis farming and smoking addon. It includes a handful of entities to grow and sell cannabis along with a few to allow you to roll and smoke it. As a result, this addon allows you to create 2 types of interactions with players...
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    Tier Printers - The 1 money printer system

    LIEN CAR TROP VOLUMINEUX ! LINK DESCRIPTION The ultimate single printer system. Content pack: This is a new take on printers, instead of having 7-8 different printers, you now only have 1 base printer but can upgrade the tier...
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    William's Shop System [DarkRP]

    DESCRIPTION Find more of my addons new gmodstore rules: cant have price below $4.99 Full usage instructions etc can be found at This addon allows you to add any kind of shops to your server. They can use any model. Shops can be props or NPCs. You are very welcome...