1. G

    [Leak] zeros_methlab02_1.1.2 (Vérifié)

    Voici un leak du Zero´s MethLab 2 (Drug Script) Zero methlab est un addon pour fabriquer de la Meth , ceci ajouteras une nouvelle drogue à votre serveur ! Lien officiel : Description : Addon de Meth Installation [FR] : Mettre...
  2. Malo_GL

    [FR] White City Roleplay - Ouverture le 22 décembre !

    OUVERTURE LE 22 DECEMBRE:) Hey, aujourd'hui je vais vous présentez mon serveur Gmod DarkRP White City Roleplay. Un serveur sur la map South Side Day qui se base dans un des quartiers de New York. La map propose une multitude de possibilités à exploiter. Pour une question de logique vous ne...
  3. ElyesBendero

    Ressources ⚡ Chifumas - DarkRP HUD

    ⚡ Chifumas - DarkRP HUD Link Addon Leak : Description: Chifumas is a clean and optimized DarkRP HUD for your server! Good morning ! We are here to bring you our product. Chifumas is designed to be a clean and optimized HUD for your...
  4. ElyesBendero

    Ressources Eris F4 Menu

    Eris F4 Menu Link Addon Leak : DESCRIPTION The first script in the Eris collection, Eris F4 menu is a step towards bolder and better F4 menus in Garry's Mod. With a design based around circles and geometry, Eris F4 is...
  5. ElyesBendero

    Ressources Realistic Police - The Best Realistic Police Script 1.3.4

    LINK : Link Addon Leak : Link Official : Description This is a realistic police addon to improve the roleplay of your DarkRP servers...
  6. ElyesBendero

    Ressources Xenin F4 - The DarkRP F4 menu 2.5.1

    LINK Link Addon Leak : Link Addon Official : Description A modern & sleek F4 menu with the iconic Xenin design. It has all the basic DarkRP...
  7. ElyesBendero

    Ressources Reporter - Report/Ticket System, User Warnings, Statistics and more! v. 1.8

    LINK Link Addon Leak : Link Official : Description Reporter is a complete Reporting Package for your server. It will work with any gamemode, and comes bundled with an...
  8. ElyesBendero

    Ressources Atlas Chat v.2.4.2

    New User Posts 22 Threads 15 Joined Aug 2021 Reputation 0 Warning Level 0% #1 August 15, 2021 at 10:14 PM This post was last modified: August 15, 2021 at 10:20 PM by ElyesBendero. Edited 3 times in total. LINK Link Addon Leak ...
  9. ElyesBendero

    Ressources gProtect - Prop Protection Reinvented v.1.6.22

    LINK Link Addon Leak : Miscs For more in-depth feature list look at the other tab ➡️ Vidéo This addon is ment to replace FPP and APG into one...
  10. ElyesBendero

    Ressources AWarn3 - Warning System

    LINK Link Addon Leak : Link Official : Description AWarn3 is a complete server warning and punishment suite. AWarn3 allows for you and your admins to give and track warnings...
  11. ElyesBendero

    Ressources eProtect - Keep exploiters/cheaters at bay!

    LINK Link Addon Leak : Link Official : Description eProtect was created as a solution to prevent exploiters/cheaters from damaging your server, it also is designed to keep...
  12. ElyesBendero

    Ressources mCasino - The Ultimate Garry's Mod Casino 2 1.6.9

    LINK : Link Addon Leak : Link Addon Official : Description [/URL] mCasino is an in-game gambling system for Garry's Mod, that enables players to...
  13. ElyesBendero

    Ressources Advanced Staff System - Facilitez votre modération ! 2.4.1

    LINK Link Addon Leak : Link Addon Official : Vous souhaitez faciliter la modération de vos membres du staff tout en gardant une interface propre et efficace ? Je...
  14. ElyesBendero

    Ressources VCMod Main - A Premium Vehicles Solution v9.65

    LINK Link Addon Leak : Link Addon Official : Description New features coming...
  15. Wesoxx

    Ressources [LEAK] Police Armory Locker (Lockpicking, Weapon Armory & Custom Models)

    Police Armory Locker (Lockpicking, Weapon Armory & Custom Models) Description : This is a police armory that has everything you need! Police officers can retrieve and deposit weapons into the armory and access them through a sexy UI, while robbers can lockpick their way into the armory...
  16. Wesoxx


    -->TELECHARGER<--- A PROPOS GMOD Store Link Design élégant Xenin Identifiants Imgur pour les icônes, pas besoin de télécharger dans le workshop lorsque vous ajoutez vos propres icônes ! Système de traduction ! Intégration avec d'autres addons Xenin pouvant être ajoutés au menu F4 Passe de...
  17. Wesoxx

    Ressources [LEAK] Zero´s Grow OP (Weed)

    [LEAK] Zero´s Grow OP (Weed) Description : Zero´s Grow OP gives your players the ability to grow, sell and smoke a variety of different weed strains.[/size] Everything that is needed to grow plants can be bought with the ingame Tablet Swep. GmodStore LINK Download LINK
  18. V

    uWeed - Advanced cannabis growth (Drug, weed)

    Lien car trop Volumineux ! LINK DESCRIPTION This is a complete cannabis farming and smoking addon. It includes a handful of entities to grow and sell cannabis along with a few to allow you to roll and smoke it. As a result, this addon allows you to create 2 types of interactions with players...
  19. V

    Tier Printers - The 1 money printer system

    LIEN CAR TROP VOLUMINEUX ! LINK DESCRIPTION The ultimate single printer system. Content pack: This is a new take on printers, instead of having 7-8 different printers, you now only have 1 base printer but can upgrade the tier...
  20. V

    [AJR] Advanced Jewelry Robbery - Another way to earn money illegally

    Lien Car il est trop gros ^^ LINK HOW TO INSTALL? Download this archive, containing advanced-jewelry-robbery and advanced-robbery. Drop both folders into your addons folder. Add the contents to your workshop collection :