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ShOoT17 Avril 2016

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    In order to allow your Teamspeak 3 server to be queried by remote sources such as TSViewer you will need to make permission changes that allow "Guests" to query your server.

    Please follow the steps below in the order they are presented to ensure that everything gets set correctly.

    1) Open your Teamspeak 3 client.
    2) In your Teamspeak 3 client navigate --> Settings --> Options
    3) On the left side of the new window, make sure you have "Application" selected.
    4) On the right panel, you will need to check off "Advanced permissions system".
    5) Choose "Apply" and then "OK" at the bottom of the window.
    6) Connect to your Teamspeak 3 server.
    7) Using the top navigation in your Teamspeak 3 client choose "Permissions" --> "Server Groups".
    8) In the new window, make sure "Guest" is selected at the left.
    9) Using the filter in the middle pane enter the following (without the quotes), "b_virtualserver_info_view".
    10) Below the filter you will see the new permission option appear, you will need to right click on it and choose "Add permission".
    11) Repeating steps #9 and #10 for the following two, "b_virtualserver_client_list" and "b_virtualserver_channel_list"
    12) Once you completed adding the permissions for the three items above you will be set to remotely query the status of your server.

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