NightClub System | Manage your business !


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4 Juillet 2023
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Night Club System is an advanced system that allows you to create and manage your own business. You can hire your employees (DJ, dancers), you can also sell foods and drinks.

Business System
  • Manage your business with an advanced 3D computer
  • Sell drinks and foods to earn money
  • Improvements system
  • Balance Limit
  • Storage
  • Dance locations
  • DJ turntables

Strip Club
  • You can hire employees
  • Energy system: Your employees can run out
  • Dancer system

DJ System
  • Hire your own DJ: This one will animate your nightclub with music !

Admin Command
  • As an administrator you can use nightclub_reset in your console to reset everything in the nightclub

Easily and very customizable
  • You can easily configure the script and the customization is advanced

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